Reasons Behind Erectile Dysfunction in Men – What Causes ED and How to Cure It

Erectile Dysfunction is quite common among men and it is not just the older men who are affected with this sexual disorder. A large number of young guys in their 20’s also face problems achieving hard and firm erections.

Reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction in Men

The main causes behind erectile dysfunction or impotence in men are listed below:

  • Poor or sluggish blood flow to the penis – This is the prime reasons of ED in men. Proper blood flow to the penis is a prerequisite for getting erections as well as for maintaining a healthy sex drive or libido. There can be a lot of factors that can affect your blood circulation. Fat rich diet clogs your arteries with plaque and restricts blood flow not just throughout the body but to the penis as well. Lack of exercise or physical activity also contributes to reduced blood circulation.
  • Reduced Secretion of Nitric Oxide – Most men are not really aware of this but nitric oxide is highly crucial for getting hard and firm erections. This is because it helps smoothen the muscles that supply blood to the penis so that it can relax and blood vessels can open up resulting in an increased inflow of blood into the penis. Nitric oxide secretion declines with age and erectile dysfunction becomes almost inevitable. Erectile dysfunction clinic
  • Lifestyle Issues like obesity, excessive smoking, use of recreational medication, alcohol abuse etc., – These factors not only reduce blood circulation but also affect the production of the male sex hormone testosterone. For instance high fat levels increases estrogen levels which affects testosterone production negatively.
  • Psychological Issues – Emotional and psychological issues account for almost 10-20% of all cases of erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. Stress, depression, performance anxiety, relationship problems can all be a deterrent as far as your ability to get hard and firm erections is concerned.

How to cure Erectile Dysfunction

There are various cures that can help men get over ED or impotence. Here are some of such cures:

Prescribed Drugs

Prescribed drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra dominate impotence treatments but these drugs can have some serious side effects. For instance, Viagra is not advised for men with cardiovascular problems and can also lead to mild vision changes.

Generic Versions of these Drugs- There are some generic versions of these drugs that can be procured without a prescription and are are comparatively cheaper as well. However these generic versions also have side effects and can be even more dangerous. This is because no standards are maintained in their manufacturing and one one pill might have low dosage of the medicine, the other pill night have a high dosage.

Impotence Shots

Impotence Shots or Injections- Impotence injections came into existence back in the 1990’s. Though they are highly effective, they need to be administered by a certified doctor. Besides, there is always a possibility of scarring your penis or the development of nodules on the area of the penis where such injections are applied. Another side effects of such injections is priapism which refers to a long and painful erection that can last up to 12 hours. I am sure you would agree with me that this can be highly embarrassing and painful as well.

Herbal or Natural Supplements

Herbal or natural pills seem to be the clear winner among all methods to treat impotence or sexual dysfunction in men. These pills are formulated with age proven herbs and other nutrients and come in the form of capsules that can be easily ingested.

Herbal pills use the power of herbs such as ginseng, ginkgo, tribulus terrestris etc., that work upon various aspects of male sexuality and ensure powerful and longer lasting erections.

These herbs increase blood flow to the penis, relax penis muscles, increase the secretion of nitric oxide and boost testosterone levels so that you not only get hard and firm erections but also improve your sex drive or libido and build sexual stamina and ejaculatory control to last for hours.

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